Gus Kalaris is the founder and owner of Constantine

                                            Wines, Inc., a wine distribution and import company                                             founded in 1986, that has enjoyed a great reputation                                             for premium beer, wine, and spirit offerings. Under                                                 his leadership, Constantine Wines has enjoyed                                                     decades of uninterrupted growth. Kalaris also has                                                 extensive experience building wine brands that

                                            compete in all ranges. Prior to starting Constantine,

                                            he held consulting positions with Mar-Salle Imports                                               and Washington Wholesalers. Gus Kalaris is a very                                               outgoing and seasoned professional. In addition to

                                            his ownership responsibilities at Constantine Inc.,                                                 Kalaris founded AXIOS, super premium Napa Valley                                             wine brand in 1999 to much acclaim. The success of                                             AXIOS spawned the WORTHY, TELIOS, TRUTH, and KALARIS FAMILY VINEYARD brands. Gus, a Greek American, born in Washington, DC is fluent in the Greek language and dedicated to his heritage. Gus Kalaris has received numerous awards and national recognition for all of his charitable endeavors and still continues to serve on many charitable and philanthropic boards, including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Cal Ripken Sr Foundation. His proudest achievement is the raising of his family. 

With a globally inspired portfolio
of wines & spirits, Constantine Wines focuses on providing our clients excellent and fair pricing by coordinating with
the best suppliers and producers who focus on products that exceed expectations
in every category.


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